8 Ball Pool Hack. Cash and coins free. Unlock all achievements!

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How about our friends! Today we bring you something you love! Like the pool or billiards? You know that this game called 8 Ball Pool? You’ve become addicted as we are to the competitive gameplay that has? You want to destroy your friends and show them who’s the best? For we have then arrived in good time! We are proud to present our latest creation, a hack for 8 Ball Pool for Facebook, as always up to date and running smoothly.

8 Ball Pool  is a game that, like most, is also available for Android and iOS, but our hack lets you connect with your account directly from Facebook. Why? Just to make it more accessible accessible to those who do not own a smartphone. Anyway, if you’re somebody who play it from your phone, you just have to enter the game and link with your Facebook account! It’s that simple, the account will become one no matter if you play from your phone, tablet or from your browser to Facebook. Whatever you add our hack for 8 Ball Pool will be reflected on all devices.

Honestly not you, but I love the pool. And this game is a blast. Not only allows you to play against your friends it is so well done, it’s not like other pool games that do not have that royal coup. Here is all very well armed, accuracy and strength, everything works as you hit, it should work. I want to emphasize that our hack for 8 ball pool also comes with options so you can take advantage of the way at once. That and many more qualities this game has become popular worldwide. Even tournaments are held. But as everyone can imagine the same thing happens in most Facebook games / Android / iOS: . here progresses faster you pay out of pocket.

to avoid that, we created this hack that lets you add coins and cash unlimited your account. As always Hackealo.net think of your pocket and gives you the best tools 100% free! So do not even think about investing in a game, just download our 8 Ball Pool hack and sweeps the floor with friends. Comprate everything Store, this addictive strip roulette for fun whenever you want and show everyone who’s boss!

As if that were not enough, we have also added options so you can unlock all the achievements and wear them proudly. And of course you can also use the maximum power (at the request of our fan Carlos Herrera, enjoy!)

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How To Use WhatsApp on two devices – Tips & Tricks

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Smartphone, tablet and maybe a Zweithandy – who a WhatsApp will bring account on multiple devices up and running quickly reaches its limits. But we know there is a solution for everything. We show you how your WhatsApp can use two devices at once – with a phone number.

Maybe you have ever tried to use WhatsApp on two different devices. If so, then you probably know the error message that appears quite quickly. First, it means that the phone can not be verified, since the number was recorded on another device. Are you trying now to verify you that works, but you will on the other device from WhatsApp logged and can for about half an hour no longer log you. Switching between devices does so, however, is not particularly convenient.

Solution with root and backup

To use WhatsApp to two devices simultaneously, a little trick must be applied. So you should first ensure that your devices are rooted. If your root hear the term for the first time, you should take a first information about the method as well as advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you must have a backup app like Titanium Backup installed on both devices.

If these conditions are met, you can start. First, you should make sure that WhatsApp is set on your primary recorder and fully functional. Now your Titanium Backup open, open “Backup / Restore” and searches for WhatsApp. Of this you can now create a backup and transfer it to your secondary device. If the Messenger service is installed there, you should uninstall it first. Then you install the app again, but does not open it. Now open your Titanium Backup on the second device and type again “Backup / Restore” on. Now provides the backup with the option “only data” restores. Now WhatsApp should work on both devices. If this is not the case, then try the following: Uninstall completely on the second device WhatsApp and provides the full backup restores. So the app data be transferred.


  • WhatsApp on two devices therefore does not work, because every time you change a new verification is necessary, but which can be carried out only once within half an hour
  • By restoring a backup you can bypass the verification
  • First, you install on both devices WhatsApp and Titanium Backup
  • Device 1: WhatsApp Verified and creates a Titanium Backup application
  • Unit 2: Installs WhatsApp without having to open it and provides the Titanium Backup with the option “only data” restores
  • Alternatively, you can install on appliance and instead restore the full Titanium Backup 2 WhatsApp

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Fifa 16 Ultimate Tips & Tricks You Shoud Know

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fifa 16 tips and tricks

Missing a few days for the official launch of FIFA 16 on the market, something that all fans of the series waiting estaréis eager. Many of you also will have a special interest in starting and your Ultimate Team mode, the favorite game mode for most users FIFA.

The main objectives of this game mode are: to conquer the highest divisions and make us the best team possible. However, this is not always easy, of course. So that you can start in the best way in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, I bring you a series of useful tips ideal for newcomers to this game mode to the veterans, because with them you can be competitive from the outset to Once you help save the valuable coins as much cost to get the title.

Like all already ye played before this game mode, collect coins in Ultimate Team it is difficult, plus the most exciting players typically cost a large amount of the same, so do not waste coins from the beginning will help you to to sign the stars of the game in an even shorter time.

Then I give a series of tips that will help you save both currencies early in the game and later, so you can follow these tips throughout the year.

Saving coins from the beginning

Players not saving shiny gold contracts: In Ultimate Team is a key element to play games, the contracts, which must be purchased in the transfer market, must be always prepared a part of our budget to purchase them. This is a small drag on our savings, especially early in the game. However, there is a trick to save our coins and not have to buy contracts: players not bright gold . As to begin our journey in Ultimate Team the overall level of competitiveness is not very high (especially when playing offline tournaments or divisions), you do not need much level players to win games. Therefore, what I propose is that players seek not bright gold (also known as Non Rare ), and that buy some for up to 350-400 coins, fijándoos always having at least 7 contracts each. When purchasing, you will have at least seven games to play with them, and ye once completed, it is best to discard them, as doing so you will receive 300 coins. Thus, for just a waste of 50-100 coins, you will have a minimum of seven games with that player, not having to buy contracts for the player to occupy that position. Once you discarded, if you’ve done well, You buy one like for the same price. Having several players of this style in the template will help you to save a not inconsiderable amount of the early game coins.

Use the “Buy Now” to buy players at a lower price: Many of you You buy both players and other articles of Ultimate Team through the bidding system. Although this method sometimes you can find some bargains, the best for the players almost always find at least possible price is the option to “Buy Now”. First, I used to know what the average price for that players usually buy in the market, and on the other hand, allows you to buy directly without entering a bidding war often making the final price a player . The best way to use it is to search for a particular player, and assign a number to Purchase and upholding high. Once this is done, if they leave many players for sale, go down gradually until they leave few cards that player with the lowest possible price. For example, imagine that you seek Modric, and to which you do them in Purchase and maximum value of 25,000 coins. If they leave many, come down gradually up until the end will come only three letters of Modric, three at a price of 20,000 coins. That is you have to buy (even sometimes one can find much cheaper for a user who mistakenly placed it there cheaper than normal).

Look always the average price of a player before selling: Just as in the previous section seek the lowest price for a player to buy, we must dig a little what is the value of a letter that we will not relist lose coins. You can also use the method of purchase and up to know roughly how much it costs. Take the example of the case of Modric again. If before, to buy it, we could find some 20,000 coins as lower price, sell it when we turn up a little selling price, for example, 20,500, and that surely will sell. So on one hand we do not sell for less than it costs in the market, and on the other we can even earn some money (not to mention that whenever you sell something EA Sports subtract 5% of the coins from the sale, so it’s something you have to consider).

Which players do not buy now: During the first days when the game has been released, the price of most of the players is greater than in a few weeks, especially two types namely: the players in the Premier League and more top players from other leagues . For the players of Barclays this is due to it being the favorite league much of fans Ultimate Team makes his players traded higher. Similarly, the cracks of other leagues up in price so that there are fewer of them these days as the demand from users who want to try them first. For this reason, during the first month of game I advise you not buy these players because after that time they will fall much value. In fact, if you are lucky that a player of such envelopes you touch, it is best to sell within the second and third week of play, and buy them back if you are interested some time later, so you will have the same player worth less coins.

What teams start in FUT 16?

Obviously, the best kind of templates to start your career in Ultimate Team are the players that have to be competitive while also costing a few coins. Now you are thinking that this is the most obvious, but; Where can we find players who meet these conditions?

As I said earlier, the Premier League would be ruled out in this respect, and despite having very effective players, they are very expensive during the first weeks. Therefore, there are two particularly recommended leagues do meet these conditions: the Russian League and Series A.

In both leagues, as in previous years, we can find good players both physically and technically, footballers gold despite not having much media give a great performance while they are cheap as they take much into envelopes and that It makes its value is low. They are ideal to play from the beginning, and they play the first few seasons and tournaments, to be surpassing rivals thanks to its good level while saving coins both to improve these templates to buy in a few weeks top players from other leagues. Therefore, the Russian League and Serie A are the most recommended to start playing FUT 16 leagues .

Here are two teams I leave such equipment to give you an idea of ​​templates must try to form with players in both leagues. Gradually you can go better when you go to gain more coins.

Play Online or Offline to start Ultimate Team

Personally, I like playing online because the parties are more vibrant, unpredictable and fun. However, many are also you play offline against the computer, method that you can also be used to gain more coins quickly and easily, as the first divisions in this way are easy, and you can earn more coins and envelopes. In addition, at the beginning you may serve to go with the controls and making them the new changes in the gameplay, and being better prepared and then compete against other users in tournaments and online divisions.

Therefore, if you play against the computer will not tedious or boring, compete offline is a good method of getting awards and coins more rapidly during the first weeks.

Initially trade Forex

Obviously, since the beginning of your career in Ultimate Team, you can trade Forex and get an extra source of profit. The key is to know which players are in high demand and are widely used, and then play with the price to buy low and sell something more expensive.

At this time you’ll have few coins, the ideal is trade Forex with little cost players , particularly footballers gold average but not many give good performance in FUT 16. The players with great pace and physical are the best in this regard, and they are always very attractive to fans of this game mode.

An example of how to trade Forex with these players to get benefits I expose. Imagine that you want to trade Forex with Biabiany, Inter Milan end, with great pace and that surely will be in high demand. First of all, we need to know what their lowest price, applying the technique explained above because the purchase. If the lowest price is 2,000 coins for example, the ideal is to buy several letters from Biabiany for a price of between 1,900 and 2,100 (if you look well, are many, both in and buy and bids). When you have, you have to put them on sale for something more, for example between 2,300 and 2,500 coins. Obviously, for each sale profit it is not high, but if you have say 10 put on the market, and sold 8 an hour, about 300 coins benefit everyone, if we multiply by 8, you will have about 2,400 coins gain. The idea is not to have to sell one or two juagdores, but many. A more investment, more profit.

Good to trade footballers as they will Sought are Doumbia , Musa , Boccheti , Juan Jesus , Peres , Palace , Diouf , Kouyate or Bruma , ie, players who, as I said before, will be very effective in Ultimate Team.

By following these tips, both during the first weeks and months after, you will succeed to accumulate more coins with which to go to compose the best teams in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. As you know, I will upload every week the most effective templates so you can compose and compete at the highest divisions of this game mode with maximum guarantees and more methods of tradeo with to get more coins. So stay tuned to the web.

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